Heart Broken Open

healing * self-discovery * joy

What is love? Why do we suffer? Where do we find joy? When are we present to what is? How do we build our physical, emotional, and spiritual container so that we can be in this world with a heart broken open rather than heart broken?

A seeker and teacher from an early age, Brinda Maira is a commitment to individual and collective liberation. Her core intention this lifetime is to totally and truly love herself.

Brinda comes from a lineage of activists, artists, teachers, and spiritual healers. She is the granddaughter of Gandhian freedom fighters, a self-taught energy healer, and an ordained Tibetan nun who served directly under His Holiness the 16th Karmapa. She is a direct blood descendent of Baba Guru Nanak, the founding guru of the Sikh faith.

Intuitive and empathic, Brinda integrates her study and practice of sufficiency, somatics, Kundalini yoga and Vipassana meditation into her biodynamic craniosacral bodywork practice.

Brinda lives happily in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM and is a friend to dogs everywhere. Join her as she learns anew, moment by moment, to walk in the world with a heart broken open. Contact Brinda.